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Create crossword puzzles using Super Crossword Creator! Designed for teachers, Super Crossword
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3 February 2008

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Super Crossword Creator lets one create crossword puzzles quite easily. It helps in creating the words & clues. The application creates a layout, several alternates could be tried through regeneration and then printed out. Nice for recreation and as teaching aid in testing vocabulary etc for a class.

Pros: This application is absolutely a very simple application for creating a crossword puzzle. One could attempt to create these for recreation or as a teacher for creating tests of vocabulary for students in the class. Process to be followed is simple as is the interface. The fist stage is just to create a list of the words one intends to use in the puzzle along with the clues for each such word. One has options of adding a name to the puzzle and a text area for adding the name of the person attempting to solve the puzzle.

The program creates a layout with the words arranged in a crossword fashion. You could try several regeneration clicks to generate the layout you like. On print command the layout is printed out in proper fashion with the grids and the clues but without the words of course. The interface is very simple as are the icons easy to use. The puzzles can be saved as MS word documents for future use.

Cons: As more and more words are included in the puzzle in would become increasingly difficult to create the layouts automatically. Without that the fun part will go out of this exercise, besides one will need to spend a lot of time on it. Professional crossword making thus looks beyond the scope of this application.

Overall, a very easy to use application that one can use for recreational purposes. This is a 4 star candidate.

Publisher's description

Create crossword puzzles using Super Crossword Creator!
Designed for teachers and educators, Super Crossword Creator allows you to make beautiful crosswords that are ideal for classroom use. Create professional looking crosswords that are easy to grade and fun for students!
Create crossword puzzles quickly.
Print your crosswords!
Save your crosswords as Microsoft Word documents that you can edit.
Choose from several different crossword designs.
Try or buy now, risk free, with our 90-day "no-matter-what" money back guarantee! If you don't like Super Crossword Creator, just send us an email and we will refund your purchase.
Super Crossword Creator
Super Crossword Creator
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